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Ambulatory Services

The addition of our hospital allows us to offer many services not permitted in the field and provides a safer environment for performing many types of examinations and procedures. However, many of our appointments are still done at your farm. Services include primary care for sick horses, selected surgical procedures, wellness exams and preventative care, pre-purchase and lameness exams, reproductive services, new foal care exams, and dental procedures. Each doctor at Equus Veterinary Service has a fully equipped vehicle with hot water, refrigeration, portable x-ray and ultrasound equipment, instruments, supplies, and medications to treat most of our patients in the field.


Proper dental care has been proven to be extremely important in maintaining your horse’s health and performance. Advances in the understanding of how the horse chews different foods and how the horse uses jaw position to hold his head has made "floating" teeth more of a science. The staff at Equus Veterinary Service is committed to giving you the most up-to-date dental care to ensure the best performance and longevity of your horse.

The use of motorized equipment has allowed the corrections to be done much more quickly and precisely. A full mouth speculum gives us the opportunity to watch the procedure rather than do corrections blindly or by feel. Combining the use of motorized and hand instruments, the doctors at Equus can offer a full range of dental care. Some horses may need only basic floating to allow them to eat more efficiently. Other horses may need services such as bit seats; wave, ramp, or hook reductions; extractions; and incisor alignments to accomplish a more balanced mouth. A dental exam is the first and most important step in determining what treatment may be needed.


In-house Laboratory: Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform complete blood counts (CBCs), serum chemistry analysis, urinalysis, and blood gas analysis, which help our doctors diagnose and monitor disease. Additionally, we are equipped to analyze fecal samples to assess parasite loads and the success of your parasite control program. We can evaluate semen concentration and quality and extend, cool and ship semen to anywhere in the U.S. Most of our cultures and antibiotic sensitivities are performed in-house. We collect samples for many other tests, such as biopsies, hormone assays, and titers that are sent out to specialty diagnostic labs.

Ultrasound: At Equus we have three multi-functional and portable ultrasound machines. These state-of-the-art machines allow us to obtain the best quality images for tendon, joint, chest, abdomen and reproductive exams. Using different types of ultrasound probes, we are better able to diagnose lameness problems and colic issues, as well as offer high quality reproductive services.

Endoscopy: Flexible endoscopy allows us the opportunity to look inside areas of the horse that would otherwise be inaccessible and is a valuable diagnostic tool. Our endoscope allows us to examine the nasal passages, pharyngeal region, guttural pouches and upper airways. We are also able to examine the lower urinary tract to look for bladder stones and examine the mare’s uterus to identify abnormalities that may affect her fertility. Camera and video equipment allow us and our clients to watch the scoping on a monitor during the examination and record each session.

Digital Radiography: Equus Veterinary Service utilizes the Sound Technologies Digital Radiography (DR) system. Digital radiography uses a conventional x-ray generating machine combined with a special capture plate that converts the x-ray energy into a digital image. This system allows for instant visualization of the x-rays on a computer screen, bypassing the need for film and developing. Once the images are taken, they are enhanced by the computer to provide more detailed pictures of bones and soft tissue. Immediate evaluation of motion, exposure and positioning eliminates the need to retake views on another visit and makes diagnosing a problem and initiating treatment much more efficient. DR images can easily be stored, burned to a disc, or emailed to owners or other veterinarians.

Emergency Services

Equus offers a live answering service so our doctors can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide your horses with emergency medical care.


Diagnosis of a lameness requires a thorough physical exam and an acute eye. Observation of your horse’s gait while he is moving in straight lines and lunging in circles is essential. Gait analysis may be needed during flexion tests, after nerve blocks, and/or after joint blocks to pinpoint the area causing the lameness. Once the area is isolated, diagnostic aids such as radiographs and/or ultrasound may be used to help visualize the cause of the lameness. After the cause has been determined, the doctors at Equus can develop a treatment plan which may include corrective farrier work, nursing care, medication, surgery or other appropriate therapies.

Pre-Purchase Exams

A complete physical exam and lameness evaluation are done to provide prospective buyers with information they need to make an educated purchase. During a pre-purchase exam, all major body systems are evaluated. This includes an evaluation of the horse’s general condition, vital parameters, cardiovascular system at rest and post-exercise, as well as an exam of the eyes and oral cavity, and thorough examination of the musculoskeletal system. Special procedures such as x-rays, blood work, or drug testing may be performed in addition to the comprehensive exam.


Our facility offers a full range of reproductive services for the mare and stallion. In-house breeding packages enable us to closely monitor a mare’s cycle for optimal timing of artificial insemination using fresh, cooled, or frozen semen. We have the facilities and capabilities to collect stallions, evaluate semen, and cool or freeze semen to ship anywhere in the US. Advanced reproductive services such as fertility management, surgeries, and embryo transfers can be performed at our clinic. Most routine services can also be provided at your farm.


A fully equipped state-of-the-art surgical suite complete with ventilated gas anesthesia and full monitoring systems is available for elective soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Some of the procedures we routinely perform are hernia repair, cryptorchidectomy, arthroscopy, check ligament desmotomy, ophthalmic surgery, tumor removal and many other elective procedures. Separate induction and recovery rooms provide the utmost safety for our surgery patients from start to finish. Post-operative cases are monitored in heated stalls adjacent to the surgical suite. Dr. Ashley Magee, a board certified surgeon, is available to perform a full range of elective procedures. Equus Veterinary Service welcomes surgery referrals from other equine practices.

Wellness and Preventative Medicine

Regardless of the age of your horse, a comprehensive vaccination and parasite control program forms the basis of good health. Our doctors can help evaluate your horse’s individual needs and devise a program that is right for you. We also can help you determine your horse’s nutritional needs for each stage of life from weaning through the golden years. Many developmental orthopedic diseases can be prevented and sometimes treated through proper nutrition.


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